Unexpected Blessings

We can’t do this work alone. We need prayer, volunteers, finances, and so much more. And so often someone shows up with a blessing that we couldn’t even have expected or asked for. About 2 weeks ago, Curt called our offices from MANNA Worldwide. With 171 ministries around the world, MANNA seeks to partner with churches, […]

The Illusion of Freedom

by Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness This past weekend, people celebrated freedom all over the United States. There were cookouts, parties, trips out of town, professional fireworks shows, and…well…amateur fireworks shows too There is a perception here that our society enjoys the ultimate freedom. We can work whatever job we want. We can […]

Just Say No | Part 2

Just Say No – Part 2 By John Glisson In the last article, we discussed how the often-given advice, “Just stop!” is not very helpful to those who are struggling with an addiction to pornography (or anything else for that matter). If it were that easy, they would have stopped long ago. We also discovered […]

Just Say No | Part 1

Note from Jeff Shaw, founder of Out of Darkness: John Glisson is the founder and director of The Purity Report. I had the privilege of meeting with John recently and talking with him about his war on pornography. He offered some profound insights on what Scripture has to say about grace and godliness. I think […]


by Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness In the past year, I have seen and heard so much evil inflicted upon women. I’ve felt anger, shock, disbelief, discouragement, motivation, and a host of other emotions. But the consistent place that God brings me back to is sorrow. Not sorrow, as in despair…but sorrow, as […]